Anna D'Elia




Group Brief: Re-interpret Lewis Carroll's 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' for a modern-day audience.

Solution: Taking a purely feminine approach, the vision was to create an editorial piece to encourage and empower young women (16-25). Personal outputs include this initial concept and art directing the photoshoot.

Metaphorically depicting Alice's lonely journey from childhood to adulthood, the story showcases the struggles she faces through the confusing journey across the chessboard (Carroll's metaphor for life).

Initially nervous and self-doubting, Alice gradually finds inner courage. With confidence and determination,

she gets where she wants to be and ends up a 'Queen'.

With strong use of photography and typography, we aimed to show a progression from timid to confident.


The beginning of the magazine using black and whites with dulled down versions of the colour palette is accelerated throughout to bright duotones as Alice gains a clearer sense of confidence and self.

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