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Problem: Conducted research shows Gen Z'ders are achieving fewer orgasms, and still feel awkward discussing that word...

you know, the one that rhymes with compl-e-x...


...but, it shouldn't be. So what can we do to change this?

Brief: Produce an outcome that bridges the communication gap; creating a talking point which allows 18-24 year olds to feel more comfortable openly discussing sexual 'taboos' with partners, friends and those around them.

the creation of an upcoming awareness brand,

partnering with worldwide brands to create 

exposure about sex 'taboos' in a bold, fun,

and conversational way.




April 21st 2020:

 Sexual Happiness Day.

'The ta,boo takeover' is our brand launch, and effectively does what it says on the tin. We’re plastering noticeable touchpoints all over UK cities for the day, loud and proud, in high foot-fall areas that our target audience frequent. Stories and opinions were gathered from interviews with members of our target audience.

QR codes, hashtags and social media handles will guide the viewer to the ta,boo website, where our launch video can be found. The video aims to grounds the ta,boo initiative in an amusing way that will kickstart a movement to get people talking.


co-brand examples

Talk and Chill.

Collaborating with Netflix, the ‘Talk and Chill’ strategy will roll out a series of advertisement videos with clips of popular TV shows and movies that openly dicuss sexual issues.

‘Cheers To The Unexpected’ Sex Mishaps.


Taking their slogan and putting it to good use, Heineken will team up with us at ta, boo to deliver a Summer advertisement surrounding the topic of openly celebrating all your awkward sex stories with mates, over a beer, of course.

The ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ Playlist.


Spotify want to align themselves with us, because we’re a brand for social good. So we’ve collaborated to create the ultimate ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ playlist. 

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